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The Cost of Bahamas Real Estate.

From the coast of Florida, travel to The Bahamas is only a few hours by ship or twenty minutes by plane. It is the perfect location for a second home and the Government makes it easy for foreigners to purchase property and become residents.
Bahamas real estate prices vary from island to island. Recently there has been an increase in the development of luxury real estate which has increased the availability of properties for people interested in the purchase of a second home.
The International Persons Landholding Act makes owning Bahamas real estate very simple, it is as easy as registering the purchase and paying a registration fee. Bahamas, beach shot, Atlantic and Caribbean view

Why Buy in The Bahamas?
Prices are still reasonable on these islands but there has been a steady increases in land prices over the last 3 years. Supply, basically available land, is limited on the islands, therefore prices will have to increase inline with demand. Those who buy real estate in the Bahamas do so for many reasons, these include,
A place to spend your retirement
A purchase for investment purposes
A second home as an ideal getaway
To escape the rat race for a slower warmer pace of life

Where are the up and coming areas in the Bahamas?
The most popular areas in the Bahamas have, in the past, been, the gated residential communities on New Providence and Paradise Island. Developments/communities of note are, Lyford Cay, Old Fort, Sandy Port, Ocean Club Estates, Port New Providence.
However, a new trend is emerging with people bypassing the traditional areas of Nassau and Freeport. Nowadays, the market seems to be moving towards real estate purchases in the "family" or "Out Islands"
This has lead to the development of new communites in idyllic locations such as Harbour Island, Eleuthera, Hope Town, Abaco, and most recently George Town, Exuma. Two of the most recent developments in George Town are, Fubruary point and Emerald Bay. Land lots are currently on sale there from around the $1 million mark.
As Island after Island attract new developers land and property prices rise with every new marina and golf course built. A new marina and golf development is scheduled for the northern end (Stella Maris area) of Long Island. A Bahamian company, PSG Ltd, have recently submitted detailed plans for an enlarged marina basin together with a completely new canal complex, a championship golf course with home-sites surrounding the golf and lakeside community, details here Port St George, Bahamas. This project offers a ground floor investment opportunity, a chance to get in at pre-construcion prices, check it out for yourself.
If you who are looking for a place to get away from it all, Long Island may just be the place for you. Beautiful homes are already being built for people who have discovered this island paradise where white sand beaches and turquoise water are the "norm".
Purchasing property on Long Island is far less that what you would pay for a comparable property in Nassau, Freeport, Florida or the Carolinas, and the views are nothing short of beuatiful.
There are excellent builders available on the island, and the cost of construction is surprisingly affordable. The majotity of people already here are electing to build smaller, but upscale homes.
If the idea of walking out of your house and going swimming, or jumping into your nearby boat appeals, get down there fast, before prices get too high.
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